Farm land machines

Farm land machines

Are you searching for farm land machines? Cosmeco designs and manufactures farm land machines that prepare the ground for cultivation, with earth-moving and horticulture equipment with resistant and durable Made in Italy materials.

Cosmeco farm land machines are bedformers, plastic mulch layers, adjustable film layers for low tunnels and subsoilers conform to Italian laws and EEC suited to any type of terrain. Moreover, they represent the best solutions to the specific needs and cultivation of local products, such as adjustable film layer for low tunnels of watermelons and melons and vertical ditchers for irrigation and drainage, products that have been as popular as traditional ditchers.

Among the company’s farm land machines, you will find subsoilers, to be used for the breaking of the machining soles that ensure oxygenation and reactivation of the water drainage, creating a vertical cut in the ground, in any type of soil.

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