Earthmoving machine producer

Earthmoving machine producer

A team of high trained professionals in the production of earthmoving machineries

Known also internationally as earthmoving machine producer, Cosmeco is an Italian company based in Ostiglia, a little town near Mantua. Inside the enterprise work a passionate team, that deal with constantly attend to professional courses in order to improve, day after day, the knowledge about reference sector and meet customers needs.

All models inside enterprise’s catalogue

Long experience and focus on customers: these are the main characteristics of Cosmeco. The company, in fact, during its history have always worked closely to clients' enterprises, in order to create specific machines for each requirement. This philosophy allows the technical staff to deal with a production of different models of earthmoving machine, suitable for each kind of application. Among the catalogue, in fact, you will find a great number of machineries, such those listed below:

Why choose this horticultural equipment?

In order to meet all customer needs, the company constantly commits itself to develop new technologies and features for improve their performance. Cosmeco, indeed, know well that to satisfy clients needs is not enough offer them just a wide range of product, but also make the production of excellent earthmoving machines, that guarantee advantages such as:

  • Great performance in each kind of soils
  • Possibility to create customized beds (Bedformers)
  • Reduced work time in each cultivation

How receive more information?

If you need to receive some support in the choice of machineries or if you want a customized quotation, all you have to do is fill in the form you will find inside the contact page. The team will be glad to give you more information about earthmoving machines produced by Cosmeco, in the shortest possible time.

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