Earthmoving machine

Earthmoving machine

If you are looking for a professional earthmoving machine, contact Cosmeco, the leading Italian company in the production and sale of Made in Italy earthmoving machineries.

The machineries are designed and realized by Cosmeco with high quality materials, in compliance with European standards and EEC. You can purchase a Made in Italy earthmoving machine for several applications both in the agricultural and in the horticultural industry.

Different type of earthmoving machine

Cosmeco earthmoving machine main strengths

Cosmeco produces different type of high-quality earthmoving machine, such as ditchers used for digging and the maintenance of ditches and rivals, vertical ditchers used for the creation and maintenance of trenches for water management and others. Each of these machines is characterized by the strengths that distinguish the company:


  • High performing earthmoving machine made with resistant material
  • Customizable earthmoving machine
  • Specific earthmoving machine for every type of agricultural soil preparation

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