Designing equipment for horticulture

Designing equipment for horticulture

Are you looking for design equipment for horticulture? Cosmeco’s design equipment for horticulture guarantees high quality materials, with great strength and durability that allow intensive use without worries.

In addition to design equipment for horticulture, Cosmeco also takes care of design and construction of earthmoving machinery, such as ditchers and excavators, putting at your disposal a varied range of products that comply with Italian laws and EEC. In addition, the company offers solutions for every need and for local products, such as adjustable tunnel to cover small tunnels of watermelons and melons, vertical ditchers for irrigation and drainage, machines that have been a great success, reaching traditional ditchers.

The design of equipment for horticulture includes adjustable bedformers, perfect for the compaction on the inside of the bed for all types of land, encouraging the growth of the plants, the air and water recycling.

The compact ground inside the trunk allows the development of crops such as asparagus, strawberries, berries, potatoes and manioca, by controlling the growth of weeds and water evaporation from the soil, and healthy growth of the crop. Furthermore, the bedformers of Cosmeco can be used in small greenhouses as in open fields, always allowing the maximum yield.

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