Designing earthmoving machinery

Designing earthmoving machinery

Are you interested in designing earthmoving machinery? Cosmeco is a leading company in designing earthmoving machinery since 1980, with a wide range of earthmoving and horticulture machinery, preparing the ground at the best for cultivations.

In  Cosmeco’s designing earthmoving machinery you will find bedformers and plastic mulch layers, through adjustable film layers for low tunnels and subsoilers characterized by Made in Italy high quality of construction that ensures high durability, conforming to Italian laws and EC. Moreover, Cosmeco designs specific solutions for every need and for local products, such as the adjustable film layer for low tunnels of watermelons and melons, vertical ditchers for irrigation and drainage, all highly successfully produced, reaching the traditional ditchers.

Cosmeco’s designing of earthmoving machinery includes single-double wheel ditchers, realized for the excavation and maintenance of irrigation, to obtain clean canals, compact and uniform, especially if you dig close to property boundaries, roads or private roads, common lands. Furthermore, these machines are also perfect to protect crops in place or other situations where the soil has to be directed uniquely with respect to the surrounding space.

The material that will be removed will be collected by the adjustable bonnet and also in case of earthy and herbaceous material, the ditchers machines ensure excellent operation.

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