Bilateral ditchers producer

Bilateral ditchers producer

A high trained enterprise in film layer machineries production

Founded by Costantino Rossi in 1980, Cosmeco is a specialized bilateral ditchers producer, based in Ostiglia, a little city near Mantua. During its history, the enterprise is constantly grew both nationally and internationally, also thanks to a high trained staff, composed by professional that work with great passion.

How many bilateral ditchers you will find in company’s catalogue?

During its history, Cosmeco has always worked with a particular focus on the customers and their different requirements. In order to completely meet their needs, in fact, it have enlarged, year after year, its catalogue and now can make a production of a wide range of bilateral ditchers. For example, choosing the company you will be able to choose among the followings bilateral single wheel ditchers:

  • Mini 35 LL
  • CM 80LL
  • CM 90LL

Many advantages in different applications

Choosing to rely on Cosmeco and its team of experts means to obtain bilateral ditchers that offer many advantages in all applications where they are used. This is the result of a continuous process of researching and developing, take forward by high trained professionals, which design the machines starting from customer needs, using the best raw materials. Precisely for this reason, the products offered by the company can assure many benefits, such as:

  • Possibility to dig in multiple positions
  • Adjustable hood for removed soil management
  • Possibility to use each version with low power tractors

How to know more about company products

If you need to obtain more information about bilateral ditchers produced by the enterprise staff, you can visit the contact page and fill in the form you will find inside it. As soon as possible, the company will be glad to offer you a customized quotation, if requested, or all details that you were looking for.

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