Assistance on earthmoving machines

Assistance on earthmoving machines

The service to repair the machines realized by the company

Cosmeco is well known for its service of assistance on earthmoving machines. This activity is available to all customers that bought the company product and is useful to simplify its working life, fixing and restoring any kind of problem.

On which models of earthmoving machines is available the service?

In addition to offering products of excellent quality, the company has constantly committed itself to offer its staff a wide range of training courses that had allow them to obtain high skills. Precisely thanks to this enterprise's philosophy, Cosmeco can offer the assistance on each models of earthmoving machines produced, such to those that belong the following categories:

What does the offered assistance activity consist of?

One of the main objectives of Cosmeco is to offer a complete service of assistance on earthmoving machines. To achieve this goal, its staff work every day to find the best solution to all customer, analyzing every problem with the most possible attention, and offering activities such these shown on the list below:

  • Repair on site (even abroad)
  • Spare parts and other components supply

Further information?

If you are looking for a way to obtain further information about the assistance on earthmoving machines offered by Cosmeco, please visit the contact page. Inside it, you will find a form to fill in that allow you to obtain a detailed answer, as soon as possible, to all your question.

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