Agricultural tillage machines

Agricultural tillage machines

The importance of working farmland with quality machinery

Tilling is a crucial process in agriculture, essential for preparing the soil for sowing and contributing to optimal crop growth. This process can include several activities, such as ploughing, harrowing, seeding, tilling and harvesting, all of which aim to improve soil structure, control weeds and promote proper aeration and drainage. By using efficient, high quality tillage machines such as those produced by Cosmeco, farmers can optimise tillage, increasing the productivity of their crops and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Cosmeco's wide range of agricultural machinery

Cosmeco agricultural machinery has been designed with the aim of offering agricultural professionals the most innovative and reliable solutions on the market. With over forty years of experience in the sector, Cosmeco has developed a profound know-how that is reflected in the high quality products and technical support offered to its customers. 


Some of the agricultural machines most appreciated by Cosmeco's customers are:


  • bedformers and plastic mulch layers which offer versatility on various types of soil, improve soil quality by promoting germination and optimal crop growth, save time and energy with automation and effectively control weeds 
  • agricultural ridgers that can create small tunnels to protect and anticipate the harvest in cold weather conditions
  • orchard machinery useful for maintenance and cleaning of roadside verges and milling in orchards and nurseries 
  • different types of ditchers, such as single-wheel ditchers, used for the excavation and maintenance of ditches, drainage ditches and small canals, or nursery machine, a very interesting solution for the creation and maintenance of water management trenches

The advantages of using tillage machines

Using agricultural tillage machines offers a number of significant benefits

First of all, automation of tillage processes leads to greatly improved efficiency: time and physical effort are reduced, allowing farmers to concentrate on other important agricultural operations. 

In addition, the use of machines specifically designed for tillage, such as those offered by Cosmeco, allows for more accurate and uniform soil preparation, promoting optimal crop growth.

 Finally, tillage machines help maintain soil health by improving soil structure and nutrient availability to crops, ensuring sustainable, high quality agricultural productivity over time.

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