Agricultural greenhouse machinery

Agricultural greenhouse machinery

Optimising greenhouse cultivation with cosmeco equipment

Greenhouse growing is one of the most innovative and productive agricultural techniques, allowing farmers to control and optimise the environmental conditions for plant growth. The use of greenhouses can extend the growing season, protect crops from adverse weather conditions and ensure consistent, high quality production.  To realise the full potential of greenhouse horticulture and ensure optimum production, it is essential to have the best equipment on the market. Discover the range of agricultural machinery for greenhouses offered by Cosmeco, a leader in the sector for over forty years!

Cosmeco agricultural machinery

For over forty years, Cosmeco has been a constant and reliable presence in the field of horticultural and agricultural machinery. Specialising in the production of tillage and horticultural equipment, the company has made a significant contribution to the revolution in the agricultural sector, particularly in terms of techniques used in greenhouses.

What agricultural machinery can be used in greenhouses?

Greenhouses are a controlled and specialised environment where every centimetre of space and every element of the ground counts: for this reason it is essential to choose suitable, high quality equipment. Cosmeco, with its vast experience in the agricultural sector, offers a range of machines specifically designed for the needs of greenhouses:

  • The adjustable Bedformers for horticulture are ideal for creating compact stems or seedbeds, ensuring optimum germination and growth of crops. 
  • The compact vegetable bedformer, with its small dimensions, is particularly suitable for greenhouses and small spaces. 
  • The field mulcher is an excellent choice for keeping the crop clean and healthy, limiting weed growth and reducing water evaporation. 
  • The adjustable ridger can be used to tamp the edges of greenhouse membranes to provide optimum crop protection.


These are just a few of the solutions Cosmeco offers to make greenhouse growing a real success.

More information

If you would like more information about the greenhouse machinery offered by Cosmeco, please contact the company! An expert will contact you as soon as possible!

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