Adjustable ridgers producer

Adjustable ridgers producer

A company specialized in customization production horticultural ridger

Based in Ostiglia, a little town near Mantua, and founded in 1980, Cosmeco is a company well known such as adjustable ridger producer. Its staff is composed by technicians with a long experience in the reference sector, that take care to all customer needs and work hard and passionately to meet all of them.

Which models of ridgers are produced?

Meet each needs of customer its one of the main goals of the company and, precisely for this reason, its staff have always taking care to develop and design new technologies for its earthmoving machines, starting from listening the professionals who work in the reference sector. Thanks to this approach, the company now can make a production of different adjustable ridgers models. Choosing the enterprise, for example, you can request the following versions:

  • C1 – With single milling rotor
  • C2 – With two milling rotors

Why choose them?

Particularly suitable for melons and watermelons cultivation, those offered by the enterprise are adjustable ridgers with great performance, suitable in each kind of soils. This result is gained thanks to a continuous process of development, but also to a great attention in the research of the best raw materials in the market. These machines, furthermore, offer advantages regarding aspects such as:

  • Possibility to adjust crankcase for removed soil directioning
  • Adapt for tight spaces due to their small size

How to obtain more details

If you are searching a way to obtain a personalized quotation or request more details of the adjustable ridgers produced by Cosmeco, all you have to do is visit the contact page. Filling the form you will find inside it, you will receive all information that you were looking for, in the shortest possible time.

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