Adjustable ridgers manufacturer

Adjustable ridgers manufacturer

A specialized enterprise in the realization of customized horticultural ridger

From Ostiglia, a little town near Mantua, Cosmeco have expand its business internationally. Nowadays, it is a company know to be an adjustable ridgers manufacturer. Inside the enterprise, founded in 1980, work a team of professionals with a long experience and great passion, that developing machines able to meet customer needs.

The adjustable ridgers manufactured

In order to satisfy every need, regarding for example the soil where the machines wil be used, Cosmeco has always dedicated particular attention to extend its catalogue. Over the other horticultural model proposed, in fact, the company can produce two different models of adjustable ridgers. Specifically, you can choose the followings versions:

The difference between these two versions lies in their milling rotor: one for C1, two for the C2 version.

Two models, many advantages: why choose these machines

But propose various model of the same machine is not enough to satisfy in the best possible way the high-quality standard requested by the enterprises that deals with horticultural activities. Cosmeco, aware of this, uses the best raw materials in the market to realize excellent adjustable ridgers, that guarantee many advantages to all clients. Using them, for example, you will appreciate benefits regarding the following’s aspects:

  • Fit for all type of soil
  • Possibility to work inside tide spaces, thanks to their small dimension

Both version, furthermore, are completely customizable following your own instructions.

Further details? Ask to Cosmeco

So far as you need to obtain more information about adjustable ridgers produced by the company or if you are looking for a customized quotation, please access the contact page and fill in the form you will find. The Cosmeco’s staff will be glad to answer all your question, with all details, as soon as possible.

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