Why should I choose a film layer for small tunnels?

Why should I choose a film layer for small tunnels?

Choosing a film layer for small tunnels (a machine for the forcing and semi-forcing cultivation techniques) has several advantages such as:

  • protect the plants from low temperatures;
  • possibilities of anticipate the harvest;
  • protect the plants from atmospheric agents such as hail and thunderstorms;
  • protect the seedlings from animals like birds and small predators.

Our adjustable film layer is made of a simple frame, modifiable both in height and width. It’s equipped with a series of descending wheels which lead downwards and stretch the sheet to the ground, there the film is earthed up and secured by means of the two milling rotors set on both sides of the machine. The result is a low tunnel, semi-cylindrical in shape and with a maximum height of 55 cm, supported by small plastic or iron arches which are manually and pre-emptively inserted into the ground by an operator.

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