Frequently Asked Questions

Here following we present a number of the most frequent questions made by our customers about the products or services provided by Cosmeco. Here you will find many of the answers to your curiosity about the functioning of our machines or the carrying out of our services. If not find what you were looking for, please contact us.

What is a ditcher?

The ditcher is a piece of agricultural equipment towed by a mechanically driven tractor or trac...


What are the main applications of ditchers?

Ditchers are equipment well appreciated and employed in the horticultural and earth moving...


Are there any different types of ditchers?

Definitely, yes! There are different kinds of ditchers. Cosmeco designs and manufactures about ...


What kind of maintenance does a ditcher need?

Cosmeco ditchers need a routine servicing, i.e., the one provided for by the IFU manual. Pay pa...


Is it possible to have customised horticulture machines and ditchers?

Yes, unless technical-building hindrance, it is possible to have customized horticulture machin...


Which are the overall dimensions of the earth moving machines?

The overall dimensions of Cosmeco earth-moving machines (ditchers, bed formers, mulch laye...


What depth do ditchers reach?

The operational depth of the ditchers depends on the soil type, on the model of ditcher used fo...


How much do Cosmeco earth moving and horticultural machines weigh?

The weight of Cosmeco earth-moving and horticultural machines are different according to t...

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