Frequently Asked Questions

Here below are some of our customers' most frequently asked questions about Cosmeco products and services. You'll find many answers to your questions such as detailled descriptions on how the machines work and an exhaustive list of the services we provide. If you cannot find what you were looking for, please, feel free to contact us.

What is a ditcher?

Even though its name changes according to the geographic location of each customer, what is com...


What are the main applications for a ditcher?

Ditchers are well appreciated and employed in both the horticultural and earth-moving fiel...


Are there any different types of ditchers?

Absolutely! There are many different types of ditchers. Cosmeco designs and manufactures about ...


What kind of maintenance does a ditcher need?

Cosmeco ditchers need a standard inspection, easy to accomplish, simply by following ...


Is it possible to ask for a custimised machine?

Yes, it is possible to get customised ditchers and other horticultural machines, unless, of cou...


Which are the overall dimensions of the earth-moving machines?

The overall dimensions of Cosmeco earth-moving machines (ditchers, bed formers, mulch...


What depth do ditchers reach?

The ditchers operational depth depends on the soil type, the model and other different adjustme...


How much do Cosmeco earth-moving and horticultural machines weigh?

The weight of Cosmeco earth-moving and horticultural machines varies accord...

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