The history

Since 1980 we have realised high-standard machines

We are in Ostiglia, a few kilometres from Mantua and Verona city, in the heart of the Padan Plain, furrowed by the Po river and its tributaries. Land of ancient agricultural tradition, this rich expanse has been witness over the centuries to the praiseworthy regulations and modelling works of the numerous watercourses, irrigating with a dense network of channels all the wide cultivated fields which have always characterized this landscape. It is against this backdrop that Costantino Rossi, who at that time already had a 15-years experience behind him as  technical designer in the sector of agricultural mechanization, founded Cosmeco in 1980. It started out as a simple metal workshop, but then proved to be a dynamic and modern handicraft company.

As early as 1981 in fact, the company started to give its first contribution to the surrounding agriculture mechanization, by designing and building its first models of rotary ditchers, warmly welcomed with an increasing appreciation by customers, whose requests became more numerous but especially more particular, eventually leading the enterprise to expand its range up to 30 different models of earthmoving machines. From this the way was short, to go over the Italian borders and emerge in a international context, ranking Cosmeco since then and still today among the top three companies manufacturers of ditchers in the world.

In 1984, Cosmeco acquired the business segment involved in the agricultural production from the company Cosmoter, which at that time was specialized in the manufacture of ditchers and industrial excavators. In the 1990s another benchmark of the mantuan territory, the horticulture, appeared among the Cosmeco projects and prototypes, introducing thereby new machineries and techniques for soil preparation. In 1992, the first recognition in this area came from the EIMA exhibition, with a technical innovation award for the bedformer combined with plastic mulch layer for melons and watermelons cultivations. In 1993, during Fieraagricola in Verone, Cosmeco won a second gratification with another innovation award for technical innovation with its large-size adjustable bedformer for asparagus and strawberries, still today proposed in 5 different versions. 

The path continued towards the 2000s, years in which Cosmeco kept on being interpreter of the evolution of the agricultural practice, by constantly offering new proposal and customized solutions for specific needs and local products. Thus the adjustable film layer for low tunnels for melons and watermelons was born, followed by the highly efficient vertical ditchers for irrigation and drainage, whose success has for long time equalled that of the traditional ditchers. But it’s in 2004 that Cosmeco realizes its diamond point with and internal and absolutely exclusive project, BIG STORM, the biggest ditcher in the world, tested in extreme conditions.

Now in its second generation, Cosmeco is today managed by Claudia Rossi, daughter of Costantino, thereby guaranteeing the continuity in a tradition which has its roots in the past, although constantly looking at the future. The result is a complete range of valuable equipments made by artisans craftsmen, but with the modern and present technologies, with certified materials and exceptionally durable. Today it’s not unusual to find Cosmeco equipments which have worked since 30 years.


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